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Amid Bitcoin chaos, Paytm Payments Bank aborts cryptocurrency exchanges

Many banks had Previously this week Finished their Affiliation with cryptocurrency exchanges Following the RBI unofficially Advised them to Reevaluate ties with them

Paytm Payments Bank Ltd (PPBL) won’t allow individuals to buy and market crypto assets through its stage from Friday (May 21) day, as it will stop to take care of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Many banks had previously this week finished their affiliation with cryptocurrency exchanges like Zebpay, WazirX, BuyUCoin, following the RBI unofficially advised them to reevaluate ties together.

PPBL has given the cryptocurrency trades any motive for this officially nor advised them if this was due to any regulator difficulty, he added.

Several top cryptocurrency exchanges advised the book that lots of payment processing businesses have hauled their intent to draw support.

Resources said that the RBI has taught payment processors to stop coping with cryptocurrency exchanges. Paytm’s decision to pull the plug on cryptocurrency trades comes following electronic currencies, especially Bitcoin seen plenty of fluctuations.

Bitcoin had plunged into a low on May 17 on conjectures which Tesla may offload its holdings of their digital money. The fall was also because of China proscribing any cryptocurrency trading from the nation. All this had caused a great deal of chaos in the exchanges.

Throughout the past couple of weeks, crypto trades had created specialised wallets, onboarding payment processing entities, and utilizing banks beyond India. A number of them even made’offline’ approaches to allow investors access to crypto assets. But, crypto exchanges will then be left with limited choices to accept trades from Indian traders.