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Top Companies that are Paying its Employees in Bitcoin

Despite the worldwide pandemic that has impacted the global economy, the cryptocurrency market has been booming. To meet the growing demand for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency, there have been many startups in the crypto market.

The value of Bitcoin has increased significantly over the years. This has led many companies to accept crypto for payment and transactions. Many companies are now paying their employees in Bitcoin. It is not unusual for crypto businesses to pay their employees with local coins.

Let’s take a look at the top companies that pay their employees in Bitcoin.

*GMO Group

GMO Internet Group is focused on the development of internet infrastructure, online media, internet finance, cryptocurrencies, and internet advertising. GMO works with families, financial intermediaries, and sophisticated institutions to offer innovative solutions that meet customer needs.

GMO announced last year that employees would begin receiving Bitcoin payments. This was done to promote and develop cryptocurrencies. GMO Japan Headquarters offered the opportunity to 4000 employees.


Spot.IM, formerly known as OpenWeb is a platform that aims to democratize online conversations and improve their quality. Spot.IM uses AI and machine-learning to encourage healthy dialogue, reduce toxicity and increase engagement among diverse communities.

The company opened its own cryptocurrency Exchange where all monthly salaries will be converted into Bitcoin and sent to employees’ digital accounts. The average of the highest Bitcoin value on the date of transfer is used to determine the amount of payments.


SC5 is an internet technology company in Finland that develops software and other services. It also performs migration assessments and technical evaluations. The company also develops and implements solutions, from concepttion to post-analysis. SC5 began paying its employees in Bitcoin in 2013


Fairlay is both a Bitcoin prediction/betting marketplace and a cryptocurrency exchange. The company was founded in 2013 and aims to provide reliable information for everyone. Its predictions were primarily based on sports. With the development of the company, the company moved towards crypto predictions. It now offers one of the most popular cryptocurrency betting platforms.

Fairlay, a crypto-exchange, has been paying its employees in Bitcoin since the beginning.


Purse.io was founded in 2014. It provides users with unused Amazon gift certificates and allows them to purchase products from Amazon using crypto. Purse.io’s employees are paid in Bitcoin Cash. This service is designed to make crypto more usable. It allows users to identify their discounts when shopping on Amazon. It allows shoppers to exchange Amazon gift cards for Bitcoin.


Bitwage provides services such as payroll, invoicing and digital assets to help companies and workers. Over 5000 people have applied to Coinality’s service, which pays in Bitcoin, since its inception in 2013. Bitwage is a service that converts fiat currency salaries to cryptocurrencies. It is available for all employees in Europe, the US and the UK.